Women are no less in gambling business: Here is why

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The status of women in the field of gambling may be admirable today, but if we look back at the past few decades, the situation is not very commendable. In the past, the alliance of women and gambling was extremely unacceptable and detested because people had different perspectives when compared to the present. Despite this being the case, women have managed to break the stereotype in the gambling industry, and mainly thanks to some couple of ladies who went above and beyond to break the gender barriers. They succeeded at accomplishing what they justify today and rewrote the history of women gamblers.


A brief history of gambling

The history of gambling dates back to more than 4000 years ago and has always been extremely popular even before its legalisation. Countries like Egypt, India, China, Greece, and Rome are the oldest to practice gambling activities. According to the records, gamblings were initially practised by the people for religious rituals like foretelling the future and seeking an answer to a dilemma, by throwing objects like pebbles, nuts, and sticks, from a container or hand. The end-result depended on whether one gets an even or an odd number, wherein, an even number was usually deemed positive, and vice versa. In the later years, sacrifices were involved as a part of the rituals, and people started to place their stakes on the outcomes based on chance. Then the form of gambling slowly evolved and became a part of everybody’s daily routine.

Women who took a step forward

Poker Alice Ivers

Born in 1851, this English lady took a whole new road in life and conquered the gambling world with her incredible Poker skills. Initially, she was influenced to become a Poker master by her husband as she watched him play with his colleagues. Eventually, she joined the group of men for Poker games and later devoted her life towards playing Poker and earned the nickname ‘Poker Alice’. Soon enough, she became a master of all and converted to a real professional dealer, and worked at some of the best casinos in America. According to the records, she was extremely skilled at Poker that none of the Americans could win against her.

Kitty Leroy

Although her life was short-lived, Kitty Leroy has pretty much left an impressive impact in the world till now. Within the short span of her 28 years on this earth, she showed the world her capabilities as a dancer, gambler, saloon owner, prostitute, and trick shooter. Though her love life wasn’t successful, she went on to become one of the most skilled Poker dealers and even opened her gambling saloon. No doubt, Kitty is one of the legends of America today.

Lottie Deno

When Carlotta J. Thompkins was born in 1844, nobody knew she would go on to become the most famous Poker player in her later years. Her alternate name Lottie Deno, inspired by ‘dinero’, which is derived from a Spanish word, meaning money. She is also famously called the Queen of Hearts. Her gambling skills and profession were considerably inspired by her own family, who were heavy gamblers for decades. Her dad would bring her along to the gambling houses since childhood, who wanted her to become a strong and successful woman. In the later years, she moved to Texas, where she started working at a well-known casino, and there she met a wealthy casino owner.

The modern lady gamblers

Kathleen Liebert

Earning the nickname PokerKat, Kathleen Liebert has made a name for the modern women gambling community with her unbeatable Poker skills. Over the years of her gambling career, she has participated in numerous Poker tournaments, of which she landed up in the final table for six times during the World Poker Tour. She is also the first woman Poker player to win a $1 million in the poker tournament.

Denise Coates

Denise is undoubtedly the most successful British businesswoman, as well as the co-CEO of Bet365, a well-known online casino. According to Forbes magazine in 2018, Denise is the highest-paid CEO in the UK earning $4.6 billion. Initially, she started her career as a cashier at the family bookmaking business, and in the year 2000, she bought the domain name Bet365. With much hurdles, she managed to rise to the top and has established one of the most valuable companies in the UK.

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