Will Gambling Horoscopes Help You Win More?

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Astrology plays an essential role in many of our lives in determining our future, which step to take next, and which path to choose. Likewise, many gamblers depend on the astrological predictions and credit their winnings to the horoscope for online gambling because they believe that the stars have to do with their winnings. Some players even go to the extent of allowing horoscope to determine their odds of success. Let’s take a look at the in-depth of what horoscope is about and find out whether horoscopes help you win more.

Will Gambling Horoscopes Help You Win More?

What is horoscope?

The word horoscope is derived from the Latin word meaning ‘view of the hour’, where they predict the future of an individual by using a sequence of your birth date and astrological chart. Commonly, news outlets and websites have a separate horoscope segment to offer predictive events in a person’s life. They use the Ptolemaic system, where stars and the planets move in patterns around the earth and divide into 12 zodiac signs based on the date of birth.

How is a zodiac sign related to gambling?

Many people may not know this, but regular gamblers often seek for astrology to predict their winnings. Some casino sites also use horoscopes to offer the players with guidance on which games to play, and it also generates lucky numbers based on the players’ zodiac sign.

Here’s an in-depth look at the type of games each zodiac player should play.


  1. Often deemed competitive and aggressive.
  2. Challenging games like sports and Poker that requires skills to put into use would be ideal for an Aries player.
  3. Betting games like Blackjack and sic bo would be the perfect selection for a starter.


  1. Usually conservative and timid.
  2. Predictable games like Baccarat, Craps, and Roulette that offers even-money payouts frequently would be the ideal games for Taurus.


  1. Known for their fun-loving and active personality who loves being the centre of attention.
  2. Games like Craps would fit the taste of Gemini, because, the game includes an activity like rolling the dice, and the gaming platform that is usually set up in a spirited environment, where all the players cheer for each other when they win.


  1. Composed and outgoing nature.
  2. Game choices like Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, slot machines, Keno, and Poker would be perfect.
  3. Games which includes social interactions, and has a slow process include live-dealer games would be their ideal choice.


  1. Flamboyant people, who aren’t afraid to take risks, competitive, and enjoy trying new things.
  2. Casino tournaments in Blackjack, daily fantasy sports, Poker, and Video Poker are for Leos.


  1. Virgos are sensible and responsible people who make calculated decisions and use systematic approaches to solve problems.
  2. Games like Blackjack, sports betting and Poker cash games would be ideal for them.


  1. Intellectual and artistic people.
  2. Skill-based games like basic Blackjack strategy, Texas Hold’em, Three-Card Poker, and Video Poker will interest this sign.


  1. Confident in their ability to make the best decisions and predictions.
  2. Games with lesser odds of winning such as Lottery, Keno, and slot machines can catch the attention of a Scorpio.


  1. This sign loves travelling and exploring new things.
  2. Big land-based casinos are ideal for this sign, where they have an unending list of games to try.


  1. Ambitious and practical.
  2. Capricorn players will succeed more in skill-based casino games like Blackjack, daily fantasy, Poker, Sports Betting, and Video Poker.


  1. Rational and unpredictable nature.
  2. Aquarius can try games that offer big progressive jackpots such as Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, Texas Hold’em, and slot machines.


  1. Moody and emotional.
  2. Recommended skill-based games like Baccarat, Craps, and Roulette.

Will gambling horoscopes give you better odds?

Regardless of the predictions of astronomy and horoscope, in the end, the main question is, ‘Will gambling horoscopes give you better odds?’. While some casino sites use horoscopes to guide the players on which games to play and also generate lucky numbers based on the players’ zodiac sign, some people regard horoscopes as a pseudoscience, which means that the scientific predictions of astrology is just exaggerations and manipulated claims. In other words, gamblers may lose big time if they are not careful and blindly depend on the predictions of astrology. Again, a psychology study states that, according to psychological tests, horoscopes and astrology predictions are instead based on the universal set up rather than of individuals. This means that, the predictions made by an astrologer may not necessarily work on an individual’s gambling session.

So, long story short, even in the case of gambling, the prediction results generated based on your sun sign or birth date may not work on you because there are thousands of players with the same sign and date as yours.

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