What is a Cold Table in Live Games?

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Having a tough time at a Live Casino table? Cursing your luck? Looking for a better strategy to win? Hoping for a more profitable gaming experience at a Live Casino?

This is where you can understand what makes up a cold table and the methods to minimize the chances of losing at the best online casino.What is a Cold Table in Live Games?

To start with, a cold table is a Live Casino table where players are experiencing more losses than winnings. It is normally attributed to the element of luck and chance the casino games are associated with. The term is most commonly encountered in Craps, where the players are constantly falling short of making the point or seven out turn after turn. It also applies to Roulette, Blackjack and other casino games as well where the player is out of luck.

More about Cold tables

Talk of cold tables essentially means that most of the players at a Live Casino table are facing repeated losses and failing to register a win. A casino table where the house is collecting more than half of the bets in a game per round is referred as a cold table.

Players using separate craps strategies can approach the cold tables in a unique manner depending on the strategy. Savvy players have an option of turning the bets off or on and can place these bets for and against the shooter, which turns out to be advantageous to the players.

Hot and Cold numbers

A Hot number in the Live Roulette game is one which comes up frequently in the latest draws and Cold number is one of those numbers which are least drawn. The availability of statistics of the game for every play, hot and cold numbers and bet behind options can help the players increase their odds and in turn win big.

Finding a cold table

Cold tables in the Craps game can be identified by the presence of empty spaces at a Casino table and the expression of players, who have placed few chips at such tables. Most Craps players look for hot and cold tables before they join and start betting in a game. They may also wait for a proposition bet like the Whirl to hit several times over and over again or to never hit in many of the rolls.

Choosing the right Live Casino tables

Having summarized the information about the cold tables it would be beneficial to explore the various aspects related to a Live Casino before choosing one to play.

  • Collection of games – A comprehensive selection of Live games including the popular Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette the presence of Three Card poker, Sic-Bo, Casino Hold’em and such other games should be enough reason to choose a Live Casino for playing.
  • Studio or land-based casino streaming -These days operators are choosing to stream from live games from studios over land-casinos as it offers the flexibility to customize their casino environment and branding different games to suit their tastes. So it becomes important for players to know where the Live Casino games are taking place.

Most casino games rely on the factor of chance, that means there is no way to predict when there would be more winnings than losses. So it is solely up to the players to indulge in gaming at a table whatever its odds are.

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