What does bonus hunting comprise of? 

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If you’re relatively new to the online gambling world, Bonus hunting may seem unfamiliar to you. It is commonly referred to as sign up bonuses which majority of the casino sites offer to new players in order to draw them to the casino. Since online gambling has now become a significant competition in the iGaming market, the strategy of bonus hunting plays a tremendous role in marketing the online casino business. Bonus hunting is also called bonus whoring, casino whoring, and bonus abusing.

So, what exactly is bonus hunting?

Bonus hunting is the term used to describe when casino players try to indirectly make money in the future through the bonuses offered by the online casinos. So, in other words, the players try to make profits by withdrawing the bonus money by visiting every casino one after another.


The initial days of bonus hunting

During the initial evolvement of online casinos, it was easy for the players to execute bonus hunting because the bonus amounts were high, had low wagering requirements, and the security technologies weren’t as effective and reliable as today. The peak of bonus hunting was between 2000-2006 when online casinos were just introduced to the world, and the awareness of gambling math formulas was not known to the casino managers. Thus, for instance, winning a 200% bonus with 25x wagering requirements was common and easy to achieve by most of the players. However, this trick is nearly impossible to execute now, thanks to the rapid advancement of technologies and powerful security software.

Bonus hunting now

Just as mentioned earlier, the technology of now and then have vast differences in terms of reliability and advancement. The awareness of the bonus whoring started to kick in amongst casino managers only after the year 2006, and since then, it has been significantly impossible to score a bonus with low wagering requirements. Today, the casinos have better stability in generating results and extend bonuses that can’t be easily availed, but that doesn’t mean that players can no longer make profits. The players can make a profit out of the bonuses given to them but only after some complicated process.

What should I do for bonus hunting?

If you’re a regular player and looking for some way to make more profit from online gambling, you can adopt the bonus hunting tactics. But, remember that this approach may not work for every player. Today, for the bonus hunting to be productive, you need high bankrolls, high volatility, and you should have plenty of time on your hands to spend on the table. You should also have great patience and perseverance to be able to sustain your losing streaks because such a situation is bound to happen in this strategy.

For bonus hunting, the first step is to make your deposit to a casino website and avail your bonus. Then, select a slot variant which has a wide diversity of games and start playing vigorously until you win big. If you win, you should have enough buffer by then that will help you to easily reach the wagering requirements of your bonus and cash out. But, if you lose everything, shift to a new casino and avail your bonus there.

For this strategy to be a success at the end, you need to undergo a lot of failures, which is why you need to have great patience and perseverance. Lucky players may win at their first try, but every day is not Sunday.

Free bonuses and no deposit bonuses

Apart from the deposit bonuses, some casino sites give free bonuses and no deposit bonuses as an alternative to the former. Free rewards are the type of rewards where casinos give gamblers free spins and cash on creating a new account to play the games and win a certain amount of money. These bonuses are offered to every new player as a form of marketing strategy.

How to claim no deposit bonuses?

The very first step to do is to find a casino site that offers its players no deposit bonus and register for an account. Once everything is set, start to play the games. These are the most effective steps –

Step 1: Since you don’t get enough options with free spins, just spin with a predetermined amount of bet and see what you win. By the time you’re over with the free spins, you’ll receive something similar to a free cash bonus.

Step 2: Read the terms and conditions of the bonus wagering requirements, the maximum cash-out amount, and maximum betting limit.

Step 3: Once you understand the terms, start playing aggressively using either one of the strategies –

Very aggressive: Wager high in few spins and either lose quickly or earn rewards.

Low volatility strategy: Wager small amounts, lose gradually and hope for a medium win.

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