Top 5 Live Casino Magazines

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It is important to note that there is no dearth of magazines and publications related to the gaming and casino industry. They try to bring a bird’s view to the latest trends in the industry such as live casinos and related happenings worldwide.Top 5 Live Casino MagazinesThere are online versions of popular magazines as well that cater to the more online generation of readers and gaming enthusiasts.

Here we have picked a few noteworthy publications on the industry and placed before you in a specific order.

Casino Life

This magazine launched in 2005, is one of the leading gaming business-to-business magazine, that is more inclined towards casino operations and promotions such as casino bonuses. The printed edition of the magazine is published ten times a year and includes information about the latest casino technologies and comments about them from leading industry personalities.

The magazine has a website along with an iPad App and cell phone version that connects some of the most well-known industry stalwarts.

Most of the content published in this publication is original and is focussed at a wide international readership. The magazine also hosts guides to gaming regulations and laws, along with case studies of live casinos and information about the live casino bonuses.

Casino International

Casino International is a popular publication for Gaming professionals across the world, featuring the latest news and innovative disruptions in the gaming industry. It is put together with inputs from writers spanning the globe, with a special section for online gaming.

Apart from the print mode, the magazine is available for Apple, Android, Laptop and desktop devices to cater to all varieties of readers.

The magazine features product reviews, expert commentaries and analysis of this ever-evolving sector.  The magazine also provides insights into the industry, with profiles and guest columns.

As a reputed magazine with a long presence in the industry, the magazine caters to the populace in the gaming business.

Gaming & Leisure

The Gaming & Leisure publication tries to connect industry influencers by aligning the strategies and priorities of the sector. It covers most of the technology of the gaming industry and unravels the various aspects of the same.

The online version of this magazine provides exhaustive information about gaming resources and statistics. It also brings forth the news and recognition being bestowed on the noteworthy players in this business segment.

The Gaming and Hospitality Research Center or GHRC hosted on the online site of the publication provides some of the safest and trusted data to IT executives about the latest casinos and aid them to make vital decisions such as purchases and implementation of latest technologies.

It also curates information about the latest casino bonuses and emerging opportunities in the casino segment.

Casino Player

One of the most popular casino gaming magazine, Casino Player offers interesting, innovative and entertaining content to its huge reader base. It delves on every facet of the live casino and also provides strategies and tips to succeed at casino gaming.

Casino Player goes a step further by providing reviews about the best and worst casinos thereby making readers more aware of the industry. This publication has been around for more than twenty years and has been providing reliable information about the casino business. It has also been publishing tips and strategies along with secrets of online gaming for gaming professionals.

It also carries interviews with industry insiders thereby providing a comprehensive view of the gambling industry. This magazine has a web presence with its digital edition available online.

Casino Journal

This is one of the leading publications in the casino gaming industry that reports about the latest stories in the casino industry, technology and marketing strategies that drive the growth of this sector.

The online edition of this magazine includes a dedicated section about some of the events in the industry. Along with extensive information of all new progress, the site compiles a section of podcasts, Videos, News Letters and Photo galleries.

The magazine’s directory of gaming companies and their products provides buyers with an exclusive list of options. Columns in the journal about Marketing and Technology from the most articulate writers engage readers with their comprehensive content.

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