The Success of VR Casinos and where the future leads

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Almost every online casino noticed the arrival of Virtual Reality (VR) technology in their gaming systems. It is so prevalent that all live and mobile casinos are optimising their gaming portfolios to make them more interactive. This promises to act as a precursor to a full-fledged VR experience.

However, there are only a handful of players who have the resources to get hold of powerful and expensive systems needed to support VR. The future will diminish the limitations to VR deployment and online casinos will adopt it to a larger extent. This will be possible due to mass scale and affordability of hardware.

The Success of VR Casinos

How can an Online Casino succeed with VR gaming?

To achieve the chance of success with the VR gaming phenomena, every online casino or mobile live casino needs to render their games in VR. This will lead to adventures and experiences that are impossible in reality.

The adoption of VR by online casinos will lead to their continued popularity as VR games, immersive technology and gambling are the focus areas of online gamblers. It feels like virtual reality will be the future of mobile live casino. However, there are practical difficulties that have slowed down its march.

The first problem is that a major portion of online players and gamblers do not possess powerful computers and gaming rigs. Such hardware is required for a successful VR gaming experience at any online casino. The current VR audience that does have this type of gear remains small in proportion. As far as mobile VR gaming platforms are concerned, a minuscule number of people own mobile VR gaming headsets. Again, these headsets are not powerful enough to give a fully integrated experience of online casino games.

To conclude, every mobile casino and online casino has two options in the current scenario. Firstly, they must persuade video-gamers and turn them over to the online gambling arena. If that is not possible then they have to serve only those limited set of gamblers who have a system powerful enough to support VR games.

In the futures, there is another possible prospect. For this, casinos must wait and watch. Due to the relatively new setup, the hardware needs might seem pretty steep and expensive. But as the technology matures and develops an economy of scale, this hurdle will slowly disappear. Cheaper rigs that offer VR platform support will soon flood the market. VR will then be considered a real success for the online casino and its players.

Present-day VR casinos

Present-day VR casinos which have made a dent in the VR universe are so limited in number, that you can count them on your fingers. One of these is called SlotsMillion. As the name suggests, its offerings consist of slots. The popular 2D slots as of now, like Starburst or Gonzo’s Quest, are available in their virtual reality 3D avatar. It offers a fully immersive experience which cannot be compared to regular gameplay of your PC. The only drawback is that it needs a VR headset called Oculus Rift to operate as it is exclusive to this gear.

The other VR platform available today is Casino VR, which is compatible with Oculus Rift, Daydream and Gear VR by Samsung. Poker is the only title offered in Casino VR. However, the 3D avatars that define this immersive experience are mind-boggling. Adding to that, the spatial chat with a real-life voice is also unique.

Future perfect?

The advent of cheaper hardware for VR will also give rise to exciting and complementary software solutions. Things may fall in place soon in the sphere of immersive experiences. It might also be possible to teleport yourself to your favourite place while playing VR games.

A visit to a casino might not be the matter of dressing up well or even choosing the right time and flight. It could just boil down to a simple click at your VR gaming rig and a headset. Players can soon find themselves playing cards on the top of the pyramids of Egypt in the VR space. Living in a cave with mythical creatures or a zero gravity casino experience in space will soon be a reality.

All this remains a pipedream as the VR gaming technology is far away from maturity. But when it finally does, VR casinos can expect success and fame as they have never seen before.’’

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Review Name : The Success of VR Casinos and where the future leads

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Published Date : 01/07/2019