The impact of online gambling in social life

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Online gambling has been steadily expanding since its introduction in the mid-90s. Like any other form of gambling, online gambling has various social and economic effects on online gambling society. Since this gambling medium is rather new, there are a limited number of studies on its effects on people and their gambling habits. Yet many pieces of research are being conducted to analyse the effect and impact of social casinos in online spheres. Let’s have a look at the social impacts of online gambling.

The impact of online gambling in social life

Gambling as a problem

One of the negative impacts of gambling is problem gambling. There are both monetary and social/non-monetary costs associated with problem gambling.

Many younger people have grown up playing video games and are comfortable with online games. However, younger people are also more likely to take risks. This makes them particularly susceptible to serious gambling problems. The younger respondents are more likely to have better social casino experiences than older respondents. The median age of the online gamblers was 31.7 years, compared to 43.5 years for traditional gamblers.

Children and teenagers already play non-gaming games on the Internet and are at significant risk of being lured to social casinos.

The monetary costs include money spent on treatment of addiction, policing, prosecution, probation for the gambling-related crime, child welfare payments, etc. Non-monetary social impacts which are a major problem involve gambling-related child & family/relationship problems, divorce, mental health problems, suicide, unemployment, However, only the minority of affected gamblers seek or receive treatment, and have police/child welfare/employment involvement.

Crime issues

Internet gambling is associated with increased levels of crime because it offers additional opportunities for criminal activities such as money laundering, players hacking the sites for winning, denial-of-service attacks, loan-sharking, cheating-at play, race fixing, theft, fraud, etc. Even though online gambling reduces illegal gambling they act as a venue for alcohol and drug usages. Studies show that crime rates have indeed increased with increased social casino availability in an area.

Some of the crimes include increased fatal alcohol-related traffic accidents, increased gambling at an individual level is associated with an increased likelihood of committing the gambling-related crime, with increases in a violent crime such as assaults. A substantial percentage of fraud in Australia and New Zealand is attributable to social casinos.

Gambling at workplace

Internet gambling is a somewhat solitary activity that can happen without the knowledge of management and the employee’s co-workers which lead to less productivity because of gambling-related problems. This has potentially large implications for work efficiency and is an issue that employers will have to take seriously.

Issue of electronic cash

For most gamblers, the psychological value of electronic cash will likely be less than “real” cash. Gambling with e-cash may lead to what psychologists call a suspension of judgment. The suspension of judgement refers to a structural characteristic that temporarily disrupts the gambler’s financial value. In essence, chips, and tokens “disguise” the money’s true value.

Operators and issues

This includes the concerns about the rise of online gambling unscrupulous practices operated by some Internet gambling sites. A major issue concerns the trustworthiness of the site itself. There are, however, other issues of concern including the fraud practices of (a) embedding, (b) circle jerks, and (c) online customer tracking.

Gambling is not too bad

There is no doubt that there is often significant gambling-related employment associated with the introduction of a new form of best live casinos. Also, there is no doubt that any business that attracts visitors in casino studios and an influx of new money to the local region is an important part of its economy.

One of the important positive impacts of gambling is that it provides entertainment value and an additional leisure option for the population. Furthermore, the fact that the majority of people in Western countries participate in some form of gambling and that gambling revenue is in the billions of dollars in many jurisdictions provides evidence of its value to society. This positive impact of social casinos is fairly visible, which is perhaps why relatively few studies have gone through.

Some studies have suggested that online gambling promotes capitalism but at the same time, gambling and a capitalistic orientation also promote risk-taking, individualism, and entrepreneurship, which is fundamental to economic success. Economic development, in turn, improves living conditions, and thereby, societal well-being. They also suggest that Internet gambling sites might satisfy a deeper psychological need for self-esteem and facilitates social interactions.

As the simple nature of the gambling game itself, its impacts also are based on the choices we make. So be wise to choose the nature and handling of the game with casino review you are into. All the best!

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