The amazing history behind live casinos

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All throughout history, people have been fascinated with the idea of winning by gambling their money over outcomes of games and other sporting activities that rely on the probability factor. This is exactly the reason which led to the invention of casino games along with the establishment of casinos.The amazing history behind live casinos

The card games such as Blackjack and Baccarat along with the wheel of fortune game Roulette were the staple games at the land casinos. As gambling and gaming came to be a legalised activity there has been a surge in the popularity of the industry.

Casinos and the internet

The growth of technology that heralded the internet provided a perfect ground for the internet-based casinos. Basically, these online casinos, as they are called started off around two decades back, by offering select games for playing on the internet sites. It led to a huge burst of online casino gaming as the service offered players the advantage of playing at the comforts of their homes, round the clock.

These casino games were controlled by sophisticated computer programs and involved a Random Number Generator which determined the outcomes of these games. With the transition of casino gaming from land-based casinos to the internet, a new craving for the authentic gaming experience spiralled and finally led to the emergence of Live Casinos.

Live Casinos

Roughly a decade back, some of the creatively minded technocrats came up with set up of webcams relaying the gaming action, which finally culminated in the birth of Live casinos.

Basically, the Live casinos feature casino games played out in a specially designed studio are in a land casino, being handled by real dealers. This gaming action is then relayed on the internet using the advanced HD streaming technology, thereby allowing players to join the games during rounds and play with real money.

Inside Live Casinos

As noted, the Live games are handled by real dealers who conduct the games by shuffling and dealing cards along with spinning wheels in the games. The Optical character recognition (OCR) technology used by the live casino software converts the characters and numbers on a game table to electronic data. In this way, the Live Casinos make use of innovations in technology to bring forth the authentic gaming experience on the popular card and table games in the live format.

Live Casinos on multiple devices

There has been spite of disruptions in the wireless technology segment and hand-held mobile devices, which has opened up a new frontier for gaming operators. Many of the live casinos offer their Live services on Android and iPhone smartphones, tablets and devices like the iPad. This has made it possible to game on the go at the players’ convenience.

Unique features

Live Casinos have an added social element in the form the live chat function, which the players can use to interact with the game dealers during the gameplay, along with chatting with fellow players. This is quite a significant feature as it offers the option to get support faster and during real-time gaming.

Bonuses and Promotions

Another alluring factor of the Live casinos is the availability of bonuses and promotional offers making gameplay more profitable. Casino bonuses normally come as extra money offers to players which they can use to wager at the casino sites. There are operators offering an exclusive live casino bonus for select live games.

Casino bonuses are offered for players when they sign up on the site, which could also be called the welcome bonus. The bonus may be applied on the term deposits are can be availed with no deposit, as in the case of no-deposit bonuses.

Another unique aspect of Live Casino bonuses is the availability of cash backs, where the players get a percentage of their losses returned to their accounts.

Further progress with Live Casinos

Of late casino operators have started constant access to live casinos to cater to all kinds of players who would be able at odd hours. The latest in live casino gaming is Live TV gaming, featuring presenters and providing intense gaming all round the clock. There is no stop to the gaming action with the live casino experience.

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