Technological Advancement in Live Casinos

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A totally new frontier of online gaming has opened up with the advent of Live Casino offering. Basically, a Live Casino makes use of advancements in the various technologies impacting the gaming industry. From offering computer simulated Random Number Generator games, casino operators have now come out with Live games, which are streamed over the internet.Technological Advancement in Live Casinos

Live Casinos are casino games conducted by real human dealers and played out in a purpose-built studio or a land casino. Players get an option to join the games during rounds from convenient locations and play for real money.

Elements of a Live Casino

For the purpose of proper understanding of Live Casinos, the key components of them and the related technologies are discussed below.


The cameras are the key component of a Live Casino, capturing every crucial moment of gameplay. Developments in this sector have made it possible to use smaller and powerful cameras.

Game Control Unit (GCU)

The vital component of a Live Casino setup is the Game Control Unit or GCU, which is responsible for encoding the broadcast video. This unit supports the dealer in conducting the live game, without which live casinos could never have been possible.

Wheel and Table

As it is common to find the popular card and table games on Live Casinos, it is quite natural to find the tables and wheel on them. These tables and wheels are provided with sensors, that aid the converting of results of every round into intelligible data for the casino players.


The Monitor screen which is an important component of the Live Casinos serves both the players and dealers. The dealers use the monitor screen to see how many players there are at the table and to follow the bets placed by them. The players get to see when they can place bets on the table and when they are closed, through the monitor.

Live Dealer

The human component of the Live Casino is represented by the live dealers, who handle the live games. The best casino employs and trains the croupiers to be professional and friendly, thereby standing out from the rest.

Optical Character Recognition

The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is used to read the images on the game table and convert them to data that aids players to place their bets, as it is transmitted through the live video stream.

Mobile Live Casinos

Ever since the beginning of online gaming on mobiles, gaming enthusiasts have got the option to game on the move. Now, the operators are offering Live Casinos on mobile devices including Android and iOS ones. Mobile casinos have been providing the authentic and realistic live gaming experience on devices such as iPad, iPhone, Samsung, Sony smartphones and many others.

The software providers have employed advanced web technologies such as Java and HTML5 to bring in a sophisticated experience that excels in graphics and gameplay as well.

Virtual Reality – The path for further disruption

The casino industry has welcomed the VR technology with VR games by software companies, hinting at a bright prospect for the future. With the growth of VR casino gaming, it is expected that VR devices would take over the desktop and mobile devices altogether, as newer innovations are added to the VR game offers.

Augmented Reality

The Augmented reality technology provides an experience which extends beyond the TV screen or computer. It also offers an illusion of reality influencing all the senses, giving players a feel of the live casino with its variety of sound and lighting effects. As the technology progresses it is expected to give players an ecstatic and fulfilling gaming experience.

5G Mobile Internet

The arrival of 5G mobile internet technology is expected to offer downloads 10 to 20 times faster than the 4G internet facility. With this, it is also likely to alleviate the latency problems and enable players to experience a higher degree of immersive gaming experience.


Despite the negative effects of technology, it is impossible to overlook the way in which it has improved lives. It plays a very important role in the gaming industry with software providers coming up with newer inventions. The trend in the industry today is indicating a much-enduring gaming experience with further technological growth.

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