What are the Restrictions in playing at a Live Casino?

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Gambling is a really fun, lazy way to spend a weekend with your pals. If you’re on a holiday, then, betting in a local casino or attending some horse races can be the best way to spend your day.

But before you wander into any casino, be it in your own country or not, you should know the rules and regulations that apply to it. Needless to say, the same goes for live casino or any other gambling game you want to play online.

While most of the restrictions that come with gambling are age-related, there are others that can get you in serious trouble if overlooked.

Here are the most important restrictions that apply to you as a player in various countries around the world.

What are the Restrictions in playing at a Live Casino?

How do you play in the USA?

Las Vegas isn’t the only place to gamble in the states, in fact, the two biggest casinos in the US aren’t even in Las Vegas. You can gamble in most of the states depending, of course, on the legal age requirement.

Most of the states require an age limit of anywhere between 18 and 21 depending on the different games you want to play. The safest age to indulge in gambling inside of US is 21 for all variations of gambling.

However, there are some exceptions to this. Idaho, for example, requires you to be a minimum 32 years of age before you enter any poker rooms.

Some other restrictions in the USA you should know:

  1. Juvenile laws in Alabama deem it illegal to gamble with a minor in attendance, even if the minor is not playing.
  2. In Arizona, charities are allowed to operate casino nights.
  3. While you can attend horse races in Arkansas, you can’t involve in any type of gambling, not even Pari-mutuel.

What’s up with Europe?

While all the countries in Europe have uniformity in economic affairs, the differences couldn’t have been more stark in case of gambling rules and regulations.

This is because the individual countries are ultimately responsible for setting their own laws depending on their varied position on the conservative-liberal scale concerning ideologies and culture.

It’s difficult to keep up with the fluctuating conditions in Europe, but here are some restrictions in countries where gambling is much more prevalent:

  1. In France, only three forms of online gambling are legal: sports betting, horse race betting, and poker. No licenses have been issued for casino games, spread betting, or exchange betting.
  2. In Germany, all licenses issued before 2012 expired in 2018 and operators are waiting for new laws.
  3. Gambling in the UK is strictly monitored and heavily regulated. The Gambling Commission has been granting licenses since 2005, and the licenses they provide are considered as some of the most reliable.

How is Macau?

Macau, the top gambling destination, has a few unusual restrictions too.

As a tourist, you’re allowed to enter a casino if you’re at least 18 years of age, but, the locals aren’t allowed to place bets unless they’re 21.

Now you can’t just barge in any casino just because you meet the age requirements. You need to be dressed smartly if you want to gamble in Macau – some casinos demand it sternly, others recommend it politely.

Another restriction is that the casinos only accept Hong Kong dollars and Macau patacas, so exchange them at casino counters or nearby banks beforehand.

Gambling in other parts of the world

  1. In Japan, casinos are completely banned, but there are other forms of gambling that are indeed allowed. Adults over the age of 20 can bet on motorcycle races, powerboat races, horse races, and bicycle races.
  2. In Muslim countries, gambling is considered a sin and is, therefore, banned for both natives and locals. However, in some countries like Malaysia, tourists can gamble in some resorts as long as they’re a minimum of 21 years of age.

In conclusion, countries place restrictions on gambling because it can become an addiction and have a lot of negative repercussions in your life. So, wherever you are, respect the restrictions and gamble responsibly.

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