Personalised Casino Gaming: What is it?

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Gamblers interact with casino games in a number of ways such as the amount of time spent, the device used, dedication level, playing style, in-game product purchases, and social media gaming usage. Coupled with the in-game revenue opportunities through bonus offers, a wide variety of gaming selection styles and subscription popularity, there is a need for online and live casinos to tailor and customise their gaming content to maximise their net revenue.


Why online casinos offer personalised gaming?

With the help of data analytics, online casinos get to model, format, cleanse and collect customer data to get a vivid picture of how their players interact with their games. In time, the data collection helps to create a holistic overview of each player that provides a critical usage data, which is used by online casinos to target highly-specific products towards the customers based on their gameplay. For example, if you play only slot games in a particular online casino, then, you will be shown free spin offers and slot bonuses more often than other games.

Although some might argue on this, players expect to feel remembered and recognised in this online data-driven world. From personalised Google search results to social media interactions, personalised engagement encourages customers to remain loyal with a particular brand.

But what about those people who want to keep their information confidential? That’s the fine line that poses a challenge for personalised online casino experiences. On one hand, you will find players opting to keep personal interaction minimal and one the other hand, they want the casinos to know them well enough to offer them relevant enjoyable casino experience. With algorithms from big data and behavioural pattern analysis, personalised gambling aims at providing customers with a satisfactory gaming experience that they actually prefer.

How online casinos use personalised casino gaming?

Predicting Odds –

Take an example of Poker. With the help of data analysis, online casinos and regular casinos can create gaming profiles related to high stakes Poker games and tournaments as well as online tournaments. Data analysis allows casinos to provide gamblers with a realistic evaluation of how well they might fare in a particular game, providing realistic odds and critical analysis for sportsbook. There are several apps and online companies who are able to track all big Poker tournaments and allows users to track the statistics of players to enhance their game strategies. In this gaming era, gambling analytics has proven to be a boon for online casino players. As per a survey from Talented, it was determined that about 72% of the bookmaking customers in the United Kingdom actually think that their bookmakers don’t provide them with a personalised online casino experience, while 67% agree that they will remain loyal to an online casino brand if they offer them the same. Many online casinos nowadays offer personalised bookmaking procedure through targeted push notifications, exclusive offers in real time and tailored odds and offers.

Development of casino games –

Casino gaming developers have used big data for quite some time now to get an insight on players’ duration and the frequency of play. This information is used by online casino game developers to assess what aspects of a casino game keeps customers engaged. Through big data analysis, online casino developers have realised that players normally access certain games in a particular casino in a particular pattern. Take an example of online slot games. With personalised gaming, online casino developers can figure out whether players in their casino prefer video, audio or themed slot games.

Improved Marketing –

Personalised big data analysis was first used by bookmakers to help them examine past games, establish more realistic odds, point scoring patterns and determine winning patterns. Online casinos use big data to customise casino offers and make them more attractive to average gamblers. The big data is used by both regular as well as online casinos to improve their marketing campaigns. As the online casino companies have a huge amount of customer data from their gameplay, they can use cookies to check out intricate customer information like what type of food is preferred by them, what type of games they like and what patterns they use in games.

Improve responsible gambling tools –

Several online casinos nowadays offer players with self-imposed deposit limits and personalised features which allow casinos to be fully aware of their gambling habits. Ever tried out personalised popup messages? It helps you to know when you have reached your playing limit and urges you to take a break from your gaming session.

Through personalised casino experiences, live as well as online casinos dynamically target recommendations and experiences at players to improve their gaming experience as well as empower their customer care staffs with greater control to offer customers with an experience that feels personal to them. To conclude, data analysis is used by online casino companies to deliver outstanding casino experience and create a sustainable advantage over other casino competitors.

The future of big data looks promising as more and more online casino companies start to realise its full potential and how much beneficial its utilisation can be for their services.

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