Entropay Casino

It does not provide a credit card service, it is a prepaid virtual debit card. Means, before using Entropay you have to transfer funds to the virtual card. Choose this payment option on any of the online casinos. For processing the payment you just have to enter the name of the cardholder, virtual card number, its validity date and CVV code.

What is Entropay?

It is a method of making online payments using the virtual Visa debit card. It is a safe and convenient option as it allows making payment without entering the credit or debit card number. Using it you can add money to the virtual card and make online payments.

Why Entropay Casinos?

This online payment service comes under the umbrella of Ixaris Systems Ltd. and is licensed by UK FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Secondly, you can make online payments using this service on a large number of online casinos. It also keeps a limit on how much you spend as you can only use the money deposited on your virtual card.

Customer Support

The customer support is available to talk over email seven days a week from 05:00 to 22:00 GMT. For the basic queries, you can take help from their service centre.

Advantages Of Entropay Casino

  • Supports instant payments.
  • The virtual card is issued immediately.
  • You can make payments anonymously using the currencies like EUR, GBP and USD.
  • Supported Casinos

    Frequently Asked Questions


    You can use this payment method where the visa option is available. As it uses the visa network for making payments.


    Yes, it’s completely free to open up an account.


    Choose the virtual visa card in which you want to add the funds.
    Enter the amount and country.
    Select the bank name and currency.
    Enter your account details and your virtual card is ready.


    It only requires your name, email and bank details.


    You just need to enter the name, email address and amount to send the money.


    You can use this service in almost 120 countries.