Boku Casino

Boku payment method is getting traction in the casino world and more and more casinos are adopting this mode of payment. It is a very fast and simple way for payment and many users have changed their primary mode of payment to Boku. Paying using this service is very secure as compared to other modes of payment as it requires physical access to your mobile phone which is impossible for a third party to obtain.

What is Boku?

It is a mobile-based payment method provided by Boku Inc. It is a smart way of making online payments which are found to be very convenient for the users. It is adopted by many industries providing digital goods and services, digital subscriptions, music streaming etc. It allows non-banking customers a mode of online payment to pay for their digital services. It uses a special mobile app provided by the mobile phone service provider which is also very informative and helps you to manage your spends.

Why Boku?

The service doesn’t require any kind of registration or any prerequisite. All one needs to make payment using this method is a mobile phone and a supported service provider. It is integrated with more than 170 carriers across 50 different markets. It is suitable for everyone even if you have a bank account or not. This payment method is accepted by leading service providers such as Apple, Google play store, Spotify etc.
It also helps control your spends as it doesn’t allow very large payments in one go. It is also a very useful alternative for people who do not wish to give their card details to every site they want to make a payment on.

Boku Customer Support

There are several FAQ’s available on the website which covers most of the queries related to the payment method. For other requests or complaints, you can submit a request form available at the website.

Advantages Of Boku Casino

  • Advanced budget management
  • Simple, Secure and convenient mode of payment
  • Completely free. No transaction charges
  • Low conversion rates
  • Supported Casinos

    Frequently Asked Questions


    In the event of loss of mobile phone, you can contact your mobile phone service provider to block your mobile number. This will avoid illegal use of your mobile phone payment method.


    In this case, check your mobile phone statement if you were charged, contact the customer service. They will confirm it and compensate for it.


    This happens when a user requests his mobile number to be blacklisted. It also happens if you have received a refund for a product


    You can resume a pending payment by logging in to the Boku “My purchases” account. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed


    The service takes seconds to process a transfer. You can check a transaction status at Customer care portal.


    Yes. The money is deducted from the phone’s account balance of prepaid phones.