High roller casinos: Its popularity today

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Ever wondered exactly what an online high roller casino is or how you manage to get huge VIP bonus rewards when you gamble online. Being a high roller can mean getting access to the full red-carpet treatment, but low or medium rollers can enjoy the high life, too.

The high roller is someone that many people aspire to be, but not that many people realise what it takes to become a high roller, either in a land-based casino studio or one that is online. While it seems glamorous, there is a lot of risks involved in becoming this type of player, which is why casino operators treat them so well.

High roller casinos: Its popularity today

What is a high roller

A high roller, according to the best live casino, is someone who wagers a significant amount more than the average player on its website. Now, the most common mistake that is made is how someone calculates the player handle – the amount that a player is wagering in a session. Many people believe they cannot be high rollers unless they are betting hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a hand or spin.

A high stakes or VIP player is someone who bets a lot of money at high roller casinos regularly. A high roller casino player has the same mentality as a high stakes player in a land-based casino but the difference is that online, the threshold for becoming a VIP player is lower than at live casinos.

While that may have been the case in the land-based casino world, it isn’t necessarily true in the high roller casino space. For example, a 4-handed game of Live Blackjack deals approximately 1/4 the number of hands of the same table online. So, if you are someone who likes to play multiple spots online for say, at $25 a hand, then, your overall handle per hour may match that of someone who bets bigger but only on one hand, and far higher than a land-based player playing at 1/4 speed.

High roller online casino programs

Online casinos understand that players who bet big want to be acknowledged for the money and time they’ve spent gambling. That’s why they’ve invented special loyalty programs just for their best VIP casino players.

Typically, VIPs at land-based casinos are treated to all kinds of complementary rewards like free accommodation, free drinks, open casino reviews and luxury personal assistants to help with anything they might desire. At high roller casinos, players aren’t in a position to be spoiled by physical complimentary treats, so instead the casino will reward them with VIP bonus cash rewards and loyalty prizes.

High roller casinos take into consideration things like average bet size, game selection, and length of the session when determining who is a high roller. There is still some subjective consideration in the land-based world, as the pit boss is the one overseeing the data being entered into a system. Online, the entire VIP program is data-driven, which means that no matter what game you play, if you meet the criteria, then you are in.

What‘s so special in being a high roller?

There are a lot of players who like the idea of being a high roller, but when they realise how much they have to gamble to be considered of that status, it tends to scare many off. One thing that we think isn’t explained properly, especially in the online casino world, is exactly why someone should want to become a high roller in the first place.

High roller casinos and standard casinos offering the best VIP casino experience for their big players will offer this kind of bonus more regularly and for higher amounts. Some of the offers for a high roller are:

  1. Exclusive VIP Games
  2. Invites to Big Events
  3. Your Host
  4. Availability of special bonuses
  5. Extra Cash Back
  6. Enhanced Deposit and Withdrawal Preferences
  7. Special Occasion Bonuses
  8. Higher Table Limits
  9. Private tournaments for them.

Become a high roller

Entry requirements for a VIP lounge online casino area vary from site to site but usually, the amount you have to bet is more at dedicated high stakes casinos than it is at normal casinos with VIP programs.

The main keys to becoming a high roller are:

  1.   Money

How much cash you put on a single bet and how much you wager in one session is the most important factor in getting the most out of the best VIP casino programs.

  1. Frequency

Again, it varies from casino to casino but betting $500 on one wager is high roller material in most American online casinos. How often you bet these big amounts will also have an impact on your top-tier online casino status, so make sure your big bets aren’t just a one-off.

Another thing worth mentioning is that just because you gain VIP status, that doesn’t mean you get to keep it forever. Stay active in the casino to keep hold of your status and keep getting access to high roller bonus deals and rewards.

It’s recommended to bet within your means, if those allow you to qualify for the extra perks that come with being a high roller, then you should take advantage of them.

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