Famous Gambling Quotes that can instantly captivate you

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Quotes, as we know, are a very significant statement made by significant peoples. Quotes have the ability to bring about changes in society, negative or positive. Many quotes made by leaders and protagonists have triggered armies and countries against or in-favour of each other. Quotes have always proved to be highly impactful to the world and its beings.

The world of casinos has also had significant faces and sources who have made gambling quotes that can make you think over your perception about gambling.


“Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.”

This quote from the movie ‘The Color of Money’ neatly sums up why most gamblers agree to willfully continue gambling. Money has been a reason for happiness in people’s life since eternity. The happiness, however, multiplies when the money is won and not earned. The feeling of winning money in gambling is a rejoice moment and many times people don’t just play for money but for the joy of it.

“Once you start thinking you have nothing left to learn, you have everything to learn.”

This quote by Steve Badger, owner of the first website dedicated to educating poker players, is accurate to every word. The gambling world is full of experiencing and learning new things, games, rules and strategies. Each and every game you play, the decisions you take and moves you make head you in a completely different direction. To conclude that you have nothing left to learn is a foolish statement, not just restricting to gambling but on the life aspect too.

“Nobody is always a winner, and anybody who say he is, is either a liar or doesn’t play poker”

This quote was coined by Thomas Austin Preston Jr, an American professional gambler known for his poker skills. Although the quote is written denoting to Poker but the advice it consists cannot be confined to this one single game. All the online or live casino games that have ever been played are full of uncertainty. The internet has innumerable casino reviews sites that assist you with tips and strategies to improve your game but none of them guarantees a certain win. Such a promise will be nothing but a hoax. So, it is important to understand that even if you are having a winning streak, the chances of losing the next game is equal to the chances of winning.

“Behind bad luck comes good luck”

The writer of this quote is unknown but the motive is right on point. Nothing in this world is permanent, not even bad luck. Gambling is an infinite series of uncertainty and can be depressing at times. You may have times when you keep on losing, one after the other. It becomes very important to understand that just like the good luck you might be having on the table is preset no more, the sticky bad luck will also go away. Luck plays a vital role in the results you get in gambling and luck is something that belongs to no one.

Last but not the least,

“There are two great pleasures in gambling; that of winning and losing”

The above-mentioned quote is the English translation of a French proverb. Gambling in many ways represents what we deal with in real life. Gambling results keep on changing depending on your luck and decision-making. However, every result teaches something to the individual experiencing it. Learning something out of all outcomes is a pleasure. Winning gives the pleasure of being the best among the rest and gives you a better understanding of the game, each and every time. However, losing can give even more pleasure as it teaches you of your mistakes. You learn from the mistake and rectify it to be better in the next one. So in a way or the other, pleasure is always just a door away. It solely depends upon how you take it, failure or success.


The proverbs and quotes are all said for giving a deeper meaning and a better understanding of the context. Gambling quotes like these tell that gambling can be a positive practise if done in the right away. The path to choose and the ideals to follow are completely in the individual’s hand.

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