Familiarise Yourself with the Casino Fashion Trends

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No matter what you do and what you play, it is necessary to be comfortable with whatever you are wearing. Every casino visit is based on your fashion choice and it is up to you to stay informed about your own fashion sense and budget. Still, this space remains open to all types of experimentation and it is up to you to sport the perfect fashion statement to ramp up your day!

If you are having your better half by your side and planning to head over to a casino, we would recommend you to try these fashion trends out on your own. Trust us! You won’t be disappointed with the outcome!


The Flapper Dapper

Have you watched the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’? If yes, then, you might already be familiar with these fashion statement. Remember, how the ladies dressed in bold makeups, classy blacks, cocktail long dresses and feather boas? That is exactly what we are talking about! Try out these unique 1930s look if you want you and your partner to make a bold retro fashion statement! You can sport shiny shoes and a tux along with some opera gloves to nail that gentleman look. Don’t forget to flaunt the money clip! Tell your better half to wear a classic red lipstick, smokey eyes as well as flaunt some accessories like shiny bright diamonds which will complement well with the looks that you both are sporting.

Stay Cosy

Hate dressing up to spice up your looks? Well, this will be a saviour for those couples who love casual looks! If you are passing by the casino and want to try out your luck for some time before heading over to another place (like a walk or movie), this cosy fashion statement is perfect for you! For the ladies, you can sport sandals and a casual maxi dress! Make sure that the dress has shoulder straps that are thick. You can add on other funky styles like a perfect fit denim jacket to play with the colours. Blue and red are good colour combos! Guys, a pair of khaki pants will do you no harm. Or, you can sport your best friend – the dark jeans! Just wear brown loafers and a polo shirt to compliment the look and you are qualified to try your luck at the Blackjack table.


This look is similar to the Bond 007 fashion style but is much more sophisticated and not too glammed up. Guys can try out simple fashion statements like a pair of trousers and a casual button-down shirt. Girls, on the other hand, can wear a dressy top and a pencil skirt. If you don’t have a skirt, just flaunt a pair of trousers and you are good to go! You can wear a heel to compliment the top but a pair of sandals will go with it properly as well. Try out accessories such as a pair of long earrings to nail that sophisticated look.

James Bond 007 style

This look basically signifies that simplicity is the key and wearing less equals more. Both you and your other half can try out these outfits to get glammed up without getting over the top. If you want to look like 007, just put on a suit or a tux. If you want to look like Bond Girl, also known as ‘Silver Fox’, you can wear an elegant red or black dress with some accessories such as pearls to provide a delicate touch to the look. Both you and your partner will look ravishing in these looks and we promise you – people will keep looking at you. Take your partner around the casino as if you are here to win money no matter what!

Not all of us are lucky to have a better half, right? Well, these following tips are for the bachelors who want to show off a suave look in the casino.

Double breasted suits are back!

Unlike the other trends that we have discussed so far, the classiness of the double-breasted suit is what set it apart and makes it perfect for every casino visit. In the other cases, you might feel like you are over or under dressed but the double-breasted suits never go out of style, considering the fact that young stars are sporting it in many neo-music, TVs and cinemas.

Neon dresses

The best part of gambling houses is that they provide players with the opportunity to dress up without feeling self-conscious. This is how neon styles became a huge phenomenon in the 80s and 90s. Soon, the neon glow suits faded away from the modern casino landscape but from 2019, it is making a comeback (rather slowly). The intense eye-watering neon tones are back and the best part is that both men and women can sport it. From tracksuit combinations that combine lurid yellow with electric blue to running evening dresses adorned out in hot pink, this getup is perfect for those evening visits at casinos.

That’s all folks! Don’t forget that the casino fashion culture has seen a lot of changes over the years and is not limited to elite people standards. There are no restrictions (in most casinos), so just choose a fashion trend that you can carry out with confidence and remember the most important fashion tip of all- staying comfortable in your own skin. All the best!

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