Exclusive BonusBonuses have paved the way how people look up to the online casinos. They are the stars that the casinos proudly own, jewels that attract every human and the border that a land-based casino can never cross. They simply can be called the rightful credit holders for the extreme success of online casinos in the modern world. Say for instance, although a welcome bonus of £50 might be enough to give you a perfect start at the online casino, the real fun of claiming bonuses starts after you have spent some days with the online casino and the casino starts to reward you with exclusive bonuses.

What are exclusive bonuses?

Exclusive bonuses are those bonuses and promotions that are specific to the condition laid out by the casino providing it. These bonuses are called so because a player needs to reach a certain level to avail them. A new player who has just joined the casino might be enjoying the perks of welcome bonus but he/she will need to meet certain criteria to activate the exclusive bonus. Although the types of exclusive bonus that can be found in the casinos are not limited, here are some of the most famous ones you must know.

  • VIP/Loyalty bonus

Everyone knows who a VIP is. Everyone wants to be a VIP to his firm. However, becoming a VIP or loyal player in an online casino might not require much of your effort. After you are no more a novice in the casinos, you become an asset to an online casino. A happy experienced player of an online casino represents the well-being of the casino and helps in building a positive reputation for its brand. So, in order to show how valuable the old customers are and also to keep them happy, online casinos give out VIP/loyalty bonus. The casinos often give points to maintain the balance of frequent usage by the player. The players with high loyalty reward points avail these bonuses that can be of versatile shapes and types. The rewards can be anything, a deposit bonus, loyalty bonus code or direct cash rewards.

  • Match bonus

For those of you who are reading these two terms together, the match bonus is not something you earn during a match. A match bonus is a bonus which is matched with your deposit under the terms and conditions laid out by the casino. For instance, if a casino states that it will offer you a match bonus of 200% up to £500, it means that you will earn a bonus of £500 in the form of bonus cash if you bet deposit a total of £250. The maximum/minimum bonus limit varies from casino to casino. However, the common range of bonus limits is 20% – 400% of your deposit amount. These are a great way to save some of your real money while playing a casino game and play the game with a bigger net amount. Like all other casino bonuses, this too has minimum wagering requirements in order to claim the bonus. The most common minimum bet amount is £10 in most casinos.

  • Sticky bonus

A sticky bonus is not as it seems from here. These bonuses are the ones that stick, not with the player but with the game. In simple words, sticky bonuses are bonuses you will find when you enter a game and find it attached with your bet amount for that specific game only. The bonus goes away as soon as you hop out of the game. However, it doesn’t mean that they are of no use. These bonuses let you play the game with more money than you are actually investing in it.

  • Free spins bonus

The word free itself enough is captivating enough to attract people to the casino and for anyone who has even been to an online casino, free spins are the stars of the show. Free spins bonuses are truly free spin the reel options in a slot game that have different features inscribed on them. You may get another free spin, free entry to a tournament or the activation of an event. Which is why the best time to find a free spins bonus is when the casino is about to host a slot game tournament. Nevertheless, you must go through the fine print of free spins bonus to know the duration and number of times the feature is available for usage, so that you don’t miss this astounding opportunity.

  • Referral bonus

This kind of bonus should not be new for anyone reading this page, thanks to the existence of this bonus elsewhere and everywhere. Referral bonus or as they are called in the online casinos — refer-a-friend bonus — is activated when you refer your friends about the casino and ask them to join the casino. This is specifically a promotional strategy laid out by the online casinos to expand their user base and in return they give you a certain percentage of your friends first deposit. Such a bonus usually has no or very simple terms and conditions to be fulfilled and also stay for long periods. Although there might be a limit to how many friends you can refer at once, but there is no supposed limit to how many friends you can refer in your lifetime. One point to be paid attention to is that – make sure the friends that you are referring to sign-up with the casino is through your referral link.

  • No deposit casino bonus

For most of the bonuses, casinos ask you to deposit a certain amount in order to claim them. Depositing a massive amount just to claim a good bonus reward might not be suitable for all and hence, no deposit casino bonus comes as a saviour to them. As the name suggests, no deposit casino bonus do not ask you to compulsorily deposit a certain amount to claim them, rather you get it as soon as you sign-up with a casino that offers them. That is all they ask for. However, one should never forget that no online casino gives out any feature so liberally and going through the terms and conditions is a must before claiming a no deposit casino bonus. The variables in such a casino can be incredibly high wagering requirements or unbearably low withdrawal limits.

  • Free play bonus

Free play bonuses are similar to no deposit casino bonuses in more than one ways but differ at a major turn. The similarities to be mentioned are — they let you play casino games without a minimum deposit, they also give out bonuses without a deposit, the bonuses are rewarded alongside the sign-up. The major difference is that unlike no deposit casino bonus, free play bonus doesn’t allow the player to withdraw any of your winnings from the bonus amount. The winnings from your bonus are added to your account and can only be used for betting the next time. Time here is also not unlimited, meaning that there is a certain validity till when you can use these bonuses. Any further than the validity time, the bonuses are left of no use. Also, these free play bonuses are usually reserved for special offers and new casino games for promoting the new offerings.

  • High/Low roller bonus

Before getting into what the bonus is about, let us know what a high/low roller is. A high roller in an online casino is someone who has a small bankroll. Similarly, the low roller is someone who has a large bankroll. Bankroll is a track book of how much money a player can use for wagering and how much loss can he bear. The bankroll is decided by looking at the earnings and expenses of the individual for a smooth life apart from gambling.

A high roller might have a small bankroll but it doesn’t mean that he cannot play for ‘n’ number of times. A small bankroll might make a huge deposit at once to make up for his losses or win a big amount at once. Hence, the casino recognises such unusual deposits and offers to the high rollers in the form of bonus cash. On the contrary, low roller bonuses are awarded to players who have a large bankroll but are still not making deposits in the game. Hence, the purpose of giving bonuses are different for both the species. For the high-rollers, it is to appreciate their effort, whereas, for the low rollers, it is to make them see the opportunities they are missing on to.

  • Time-based bonus

Keeping alive the interest of the player in casino games is something that matters on a long-term for the online casino to build a huge following. Hence, casinos spread out bonuses at regular intervals and generate reasons to call their players back, again and again. The most common time-based bonuses are daily bonus, weekly bonus and monthly bonus.

  • Occasion-based bonus

Just like the celebrations on a festival or on a personal occasion, online casinos also greet their players with an occasion-based bonus with gifts, goodies, cash prizes and rewards. These occasion-based bonuses can be a festival bonus like Christmas bonus or Halloween bonus or an annual bonus like a bonus on the occasion of completion of one year of the casino.