Everything you need to know about White Label Casino

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The term ‘White Label’ in the internet parlance refers to a service or product developed by a company and provided in wholesale to a third party who rebrands it and markets as its own.Everything you need to know about White Label Casino

This very much common in the online casino gaming industry where white label software is a convenient way to start such live casino sites. That means to say that the software for the live casinos is developed and managed by its developers while it is branded and sold by another company.

The White Label casinos are growing to be very common for the simple reason that they can be set up quickly as they are already licensed.

White Label in iGaming

Due to ease of setting up and the affordability of gaming operators are the main factors behind the mushrooming of live casinos. Normally the operators incur a huge cost for developing the gaming platforms from scratch, which is driving them to the white label alternative.

These white label casinos offer the clients the option to add or remove games along with providing bonuses and payment methods based on the geographical reach of the operators.

Advantages of White Label solutions in online gaming

  1. The reliability and reputability of a well-recognized gaming supplier – White Label solutions allow the live casino operators to focus on the branding and marketing efforts leaving the technical aspects to the developers.
  2. Best software – Clients get access to a vast collection of website templates which can be customised based on the brand category, along with technical support.
  3. A huge selection of casino games – The white label solutions offer the liberty of adding and integrating gaming content from some of the reputed game suppliers.
  4. Easy to obtain licenses – Operating licenses for gaming operators is a very important aspect of any casino and they can use the licenses of the iGaming providers. These licenses allow clients to operate in across several jurisdictions.
  5. Secure payment methods – The clients of the White label solutions can utilize the wide array of payment systems offered by the providers including VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Trustly, Paysafecard, Boleto, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer and many more.
  6. Multilingual user-friendly interface – White label solutions are accompanied with features such as easy navigation, multi-lingual settings and a large number of currency solutions.

Popular providers of White Label Casino Software

As online gaming expands its footprint there are multiple casino providers in the market these days providing a variety of solutions. The prominent ones among them being –

Playtech – founded in 1999 and known for the favourite games across the web.

Realtime Gaming – another established provider renowned as white label service providers.

Tain – the company started in 1999 offers a wide array of white label casino services.

Disadvantages of White label casinos

There are some aspects which way against the white label solutions such as –

Set up costs – Most of the providers have their own costs for establishing a new casino which could turn out be expensive.

Rights – The dree of freedom to live casinos will be limited as the operators will have to implement any changes to the business model made by the providers.

Restrictions concerning marketing – The casino operators are forced to abide by the marketing strategies the providers use.

Competition – The need to make a mark in the huge lot is a paradigm requirement as the gaming world is filled with too many operators offering similar services.

Marketing a White Label Casino

The primary responsibility of a white label casino operator is to deal with the marketing. The categories to be looking into are –

SEO and Content marketing – For a successful run of the online casino, it is required that a casino site is filled with organic content in order to attract more traffic, which means that the content is optimized for the search engines.

SEM – use of paid advertising can boost the popularity of casino sites.

Promotions – Various types of promotional offers such as prizes, competitions and other rewards can go long way in getting more visitors on the sites.

Affiliate Marketing – Affiliates are an effective way of outsourcing the marketing tasks to others and it is advisable to casino operators to acquire their own.

White Labeling provides flexible and easily customizable solutions allowing control of the whole process from design to launch and thereafter.

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