Casino Beacons: Its nature, significance and impact

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A beacon is a small Bluetooth radio transmitter. It is used to send out signals or warning. It is a kind of lighthouse and it repeatedly transmits a single signal that other devices can see. Just like sailors looking for a lighthouse to know where they are, a Bluetooth device sees a beacon once it is in range. In recent years, beacons are used as digital communication devices in online casinos, with the potential to change marketing forever.

Casino Beacons: Its nature, significance and impact

iBeacon and Eddystone

The iBeacon was designed and presented by Apple Inc. in 2013. Its main task was to help retailers streamline payments and local deals. Using Bluetooth devices, the iBeacon device uses the Bluetooth low energy protocol to serve as a geo-marker. When a device with compatible apps gets within the range of the iBeacon, it sends messages and pushes notifications. These devices consist of a geo-fence surrounding an entire area when they are set up as a network.

In 2015, Google also entered the picture and introduced its own beacon and it is named after Eddystone lighthouse in the UK. Google Eddystone uses the concept of beacons in Google Maps.

Many service providers use iBeacon or Eddystone in their own devices, making the system usable by most smartphone users. They act as a marker to signal activity within their range and do not send messages. The best live casinos in the UK use this data to send notifications to players according to the preferences of the customer. Beacons are more effective in enclosed spaces, making them a perfect marketing tool for casino studios.

Significance of beacons in casinos

Online casino use beacons to track players based on their gambling habits, offer them bonuses and recommend new games. VIP players gain loyalty points and new players receive enticing offers. Players can also be greeted by names and this type of treatment is appealing to loyal players. You can check casino reviews to know the experience of previous players.

The most important facet of casino beacons is how they provide data about the time gamblers spend on particular games. This includes data about each game table, including jackpot amounts, betting limits and available seats at each table. This information is then processed and passed onto players.

Beacons also offer navigation services and they can direct players to key areas of the casino. Novice players are guided to restaurants, hotel rooms, and specific gaming rooms and card tables. This is important for promotions, as time-critical offers are very effective in driving the player’s behaviour. They can also be set up for Roulette wheels, Poker tables, VIP rooms and slot machine areas. You can also order drinks using the casino beacon network and have them delivered with ease.

Players are also sent special offers when they have finished gambling and are about to leave the casino. Data based on customer’s preferences in gaming is used to offer them deals and it is a valuable tool for retaining customers. If a casino is a part of a chain, it can also send special offers to players to encourage them to visit other casinos.

Impact of casino beacons

The concept of proximity marketing has also appeared because of beacons. It is direct communication with the customer at the right place and at the right time. When you enter a casino, the Bluetooth sensors triggers check-in messages and push notification on your device. You immediately receive notifications with special offers, rewards and promotions for your favourite game. This makes them a perfect marketing tool for casinos. It can also track customers based on their playing habits using their previous player behaviour. This technology is so sought that it can even show players a route to the game that might interest them.

Beacons are not yet in use everywhere. Privacy concerns have slowed the deployment of any beacon system till now, but technology advances nonetheless. In the end, it comes down to how much information players share and how much control they have over that information.

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