Cashback BonusesThe journey of casino gaming is not as smooth as it seems from a distance. It is something like teals of sand in a desert, where the teals look smooth and shiny from a distance but you get to feel the reality only when you start walking under the burning sun and on the fiery sand. You might have days when your lady luck is not in your court. There might be nights when the decisions you make happen to be the absolute opposite of what you should have chosen. At such a situation, losing £100 is no surprise. Here is where the cashback bonus comes as a small lake in the middle of a desert to help you live longer and fulfil your thirst.

What does cashback mean?

Cashback in the premise of online casinos refers to a refund of money that you receive when you have lost your wagered money. The cashback reward program is typical when it comes to online casinos. A land-based casino reward might come in the form of game clubs, VIP services or comp chips.  The other meaning of land-based casino cashback can be free room upgrades, goodies or meals, whereas an online casino cashback is offered in the form of money. Reward money which is not really an extra amount being added to your casino account, rather it is a percentage of your own money that is being given back to you as a reward from the casino to cheer you up.

Cashback bonuses should in no way be perplexed with the welcome bonus you get in an online casino. Welcome bonus programs are the benefits you get at the time of joining a casino and making your deposit. The reward you get after your deposit is an extra amount in the form of bonus cash which is in every way different from what a cashback bonus means. One of the major differences between online welcome bonus is that the welcome reward is withdrawable under certain terms and conditions. On the other hand, these cashback bonuses are non-withdrawable but even so, you can make the most of this bonus while playing at the casino.

How do you earn cashback bonus?

The cashback bonus offered by the casinos  is different from that of a welcome bonus in more than a few ways. You get a welcome bonus just by joining the casino and meeting the requirements before you can claim one, however, earning a cashback is even easier. You just need to digest losses better. Yes, we know that nobody likes to lose, but an offer designed to cherish you in your bad days ought to be activated only when you have your bad days.

The cashback bonuses are rewarded to the players who stay loyal to there passion for casino gaming. Loyalty counts the most here. As soon as you become a true loyal player at the casino, the casino team recognises you and strives its best to soften the blow of losing your real money by giving back a percentage of your bet. And if you are really excited to earn a lot of cashback, here is the mantra “The more you lose, the more cashback you earn.”

How does cashback bonus program work?

Cashbacks may be a new thing for the centuries-old casino industry, but this scheme has been there quite prominently in the history of businesses. It is a possibility that it might not have been known by the same name but the basic functionality of the cashback bonus program has been persistent in the past as well. Talk of the bonus points you get in your shopping cards, or when you buy a phone from a multinational electronic chain and get a cash back on credit card payment. Even in the 20th century, there were departmental stores that had membership accounts. It is the casino industry where it entered late after the online casinos were established. Before that, they had only rewards and prizes in the name of cashback.

So the working of cashback is predetermined. You get a percentage of your own real money you bet at a casino. Cashback can be calculated on the losses made on specific deposits or on the losses that take place in a set period of time, for instance, a week or a weekend. The percentage of the cashback may vary anywhere between 5-20% depending upon the casino and the game. However, the percentage may be even higher on happy days like festivals or occasions. Although all these bonuses are uncertain with respect of time and depend on variable factors like time, bet and loss. We have something you can be assured of.

What does 1.5 cashback on every purchase mean?

Did you know that you can always be earning or saving something at your lost if you have a credit card? Yes, you heard it right. Let us understand this with the help of an example.

Let’s say you have a credit card of whatever bank you may like to have. You have also signed up for a cash reward membership in a given store. Every time you visit the store, you get an additional discount over the discount that is available to all. So if you are buying an iPhone of £1000 and normal discount is 15%, everyone gets the phone in £850 but since you are a cash reward member and use a credit card for payment, the minimum discount you will get on this item is 16.5%. This lets you by the same phone for £835.

Although this might not seem like a lot but when the same percentage is brought to casinos where hundreds of bets are placed and tens are lost, these little credit card cashback sum up. Hence, a 1.5% cashback on every purchase collects impactful amount in your casino account with time.

How to use the cashback bonus?

Although the cashback bonuses are non-withdrawable the process to use them in the casino further is pretty simple. All you need to do is meet the wagering requirements set by the online casino for availing the benefits of cashback. The wagering requirements differ from casino to casino as there are casinos that let you use the cashback amount on a bet equal to the cashback bonus whereas there are others that may ask you to bet 10 times the bonus amount in order to avail them. However, most of the good online casinos have low wagering requirements, otherwise, what’s the point in giving out a cashback to the players only to compel them to place higher bets.

How long does the cashback stay at online casinos?

Where some casinos have integrated the cashback feature as one of their centralised features, there are others that offer them only on special occasions. The duration of how long the cashback will stay solely depends on two factors – casino and casino game. If the casino has a permanent offering of cashback, it will enlist it in its promotion page and if the cashback is not their to stay for long you will find a star mark stating the terms and conditions.

For the games, every time you click on ‘play now’ you can opt to choose for ‘more info’ to know the cashback bonuses offered in the game. Ultimately, terms and conditions given with the game or deposit tells if the cashback will hold your hands forever or leave you to see you again later sometime.