Big Data and the Gambling Industry: The Perfect Combo

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Big data technology is a boon for casino sites. The perfect marriage of technology and entertainment. Bookies and gamblers have benefitted a lot with the advent of big data technologies. The online gambling industry stands in a unique position where they can access a vast amount of customer information from individual players. As the players have to play in a virtual world, the companies can measure each aspect of the game carefully and accordingly determine a pattern for future analysis. What do they do with that information? Why? Let’s find out!


Developing casino marketing for casino sites

Casinos offer a plethora of bonuses and promotions to attract the average gamblers. In order to improve their marketing campaigns, both regular, as well as online casinos, use big data and predictive analysis. This is possible with the huge amount of customer data that casinos already have. The casinos can make out what types of patterns players use in their games, which games they prefer and even, what food their players like. This information is used by casino sites to create personalised marketing campaigns. For example, if you love slot games and play those often, you will get more updates on slot bonuses and promotions. Some casinos track their customer’s gameplay data and reward them with free gifts if they lost a considerable amount of money the previous day.

Developing strategies

Over the years, Poker has evolved into much more than a simple card game. Now and then, you will find TV channels broadcasting popular Poker tournaments. Even successful poker players have gained the status of celebrities. With digitization, online Poker casino sites have become massively popular among online gamblers. With the help of big data analysis, players can now track all the major tournaments of Poker and enable users to track the statistics of players. This information can be used by players in the future to develop new Poker strategies. Similarly, the data can be used to develop strategies for other casino games like Blackjack and Baccarat. Now you can play like a pro too!

Predicting outcomes

The benefits of big data is not only used by bookmakers but also by players. As predictive analysis is adopted by more and more casino sites, players are resorting to big data technology to understand how to win more money and predict outcomes. Major sports organisation analyse the tactics of opponent teams and players as well as compare their team data with the help of big data. Moreover, with big data, they can determine the outcome of the game and even win more money. This was proved by Google BigQuery when they managed to predict the outcome of 14 out of 16 matches of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Amazing!

Realistic standards

Bookmakers will benefit a lot by using big data in their business operations. With the help of the new technology, they will be able to realistic chances, analyse preceding games and what the winning and point trends would be. The bookmaking and betting casino sites can personalise the gambling experiences of customers by pushing targeted messages and notifications as well as launching customised products. A survey by Talented showed that 67% of respondents cited that they will be loyal to the online casino sites that provide customised gambling experiences.

Running fantasy sports companies

 Although you cannot technically call it gambling, still fantasy sports companies use big data to collect real-life statistics of players for every team. The big data advanced analytics is used to analyse and assess sporting information to determine which combination of players will create a stronger team than the other player combinations.

In the future, more and more regular casinos, as well as online casino sites, will incorporate big data technology into their casino business. The reason is loud and clear – people love personalised experiences (provided it’s secure) and it is good for business too! The perfect combo!

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Review Name : Big Data and the Gambling Industry: The Perfect Combo

Author : Julie Oliver

Published Date : 30/05/2019