Attractive Loyalty Programs Offered at Online Casinos

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Heading to a casino studio isn’t always something everyone has time for. An expensive trip to Las Vegas is even less likely for most people. Hence, online casinos are on the rise. Players can place bets from anywhere and at any time in these casinos.

Online casinos offer all sorts of introductory promotions and bonuses to gain new customers. They also provide a variety of incentives to retain their existing customers. Keep reading to know the various loyalty programs offered at the best live casinos.

 Attractive Loyalty Programs Offered at Online Casinos

What is a loyalty program?

Loyalty programs encourage players to return to casinos where they frequently gamble. Some incentives may include bonuses and rewards. Customers typically register their personal information with the online casino and are given a unique identifier, such as a membership card or a numerical card. Gamblers can use that identifier when playing online casino games to get various discounts and prizes.

How does a loyalty program work?

Offering a loyalty program is not obligated, but most casinos have it because they want to attract new players and keep the existing one. There is no better way to attract players than by rewarding them for spending time and playing casino games. It seems like being loyal definitely pays off, since these programs are very popular among online casinos in the UK.

It works by collecting points every time you play a certain casino game. There are various casino games in the program and each of them has a different value in points. For instance, as slots have higher variance than table games, your wager on a slot game will result in higher points than your wager in Poker.

Once you choose a casino site and decide to become their loyal player, you will enter the first level of their loyalty program. You can move to a higher level by earning points and your progress depend on the volume you wager. With payouts, the speed of progress through a level of the loyalty program makes a noticeable difference in favour of online casinos versus traditional casinos. Casino reviews can provide you with important insights into various loyalty programs.

Casino currency

Some casinos develop their own currency or points systems to reward players. You can earn casino currency by playing casino games. Some online casinos also hand out points for deposits or just for logging in regularly. You can exchange your points for selection of prizes at the casino. Some casinos convert your prizes to hard cash, no deposit bonuses and even cool gadgets like smartwatches. The way the points are accrued depends on the casino. In most casinos, you earn 1 point for every £10 bet. 100 points can be converted into £1 of cash without wagering requirements. You should always check what each casino’s point system entails before playing or deciding to go loyal.

Level up and get rewards

The levels system has become a popular element of online loyalty programs. You get a little closer to the next level whenever you place a bet. Players can monitor their progress by checking the bar in casino website or player account dashboard. When the bar is full, players advance to the next level and get their reward.

The rewards offered may be predetermined or random. Some programs list all their levels with their corresponding rewards upfront while others invite players to spin the wheel. Like the bonus gained with casino points, level up rewards also come in all shapes and sizes.

VIP treatment for high-rollers

Online casinos also oftentimes offer premium services to their loyal high-rollers. Casinos reward their high-rollers with a VIP status and various perks, such as:

  1. Invitation to exclusive competition and events
  2. Special bonus for their birthdays and anniversaries
  3. Faster money withdrawals
  4. Personalised customer support
  5. Individual casino offers

And many more cool benefits. All of these VIP perks vary from casino to casino and if you’re looking forward to getting special treatment at a casino, it is always better to check everything beforehand. The best online casinos always have friendly customer support and you can contact them whenever you have any queries.

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