5 Steps to Becoming a Better Gambler

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Gambling has been steadily growing from early civilization. At the present generation, it is one of the biggest and most successful running businesses in the whole world. Many people nowadays strive to become a professional gambler. However, gambling is not for anybody. Even for professional players, it takes some few hurdles to reach the top. But that doesn’t mean you are not allowed to try or achieve what other skilled players could. Many of you must be wondering what it takes to make a better gambler. So, let’s take a look at the five steps to becoming a better gambler.


1. Understanding the house edge

To become a better gambler, the very first step you need to do is to try and understand how the house edge works. One must know that the entire concept of the casino games are built and designed so that there’s a house edge, which is the casino’s profit. Every game you find at the casinos has a house edge, which differs according to the rules of the game and the strategy you employ during the gaming session.

According to the experts, the quickest way to polish your gambling skills is to decrease the house edge of the game or choose a game that has a low house edge. For example, in the game of Roulette, if you play the game on an American table, the house edge is 5.3%, whereas, if you play at the European wheel, the house edge is just 2.7%. Some of the games that have a low house edge are Blackjack, Video Poker, Baccarat, Craps, and Spanish 21.

2. Learn the rules of every casino game

The next step to remember if you want to become a better gambler is to learn each and every game rules of the casino games. It’s always a benefit and an assurance to yourself to gamble, knowing that you know every detail about any games offered at the casinos.

By understanding and learning the rules of the game, you could also avoid any mistakes that can cost you big. Also, since the house edge differs according to game rules, knowing about the rules will considerably help you hone your gambling skills. So, before you start to play, research and learn everything possible about the games that are catered by the casino, and choose the one that will benefit you most.

3. Choose the game where you can apply strategy

Altering the house edge of a game depends on the tactics you use when you play casino games. But you cannot implement approaches in every game, slot games and keno, to be specific, since they are games of chance. Apart from the two variants, Blackjack and Video Poker games are the most popular games when it comes to reconstructing the house edge by using strategies. Applying the tactics in these games can change the house edge by 2% or higher. In the case of Baccarat, the best approach is to always bet on the banker. And among all the variants, Craps has the best strategy because the house edges depend on the number of bets you wager.

4. Take care of yourself

This point might seem silly to you, especially by the fact that it falls under the ‘steps to becoming a better gambler’, but keeping your mental and physical health sound is one of the most critical aspects to keep in mind when it comes to gambling. When you take care of yourself and stay healthy, your brain works efficiently, which leads to making better decisions during the gaming sessions. To keep your mind sharp, you must eat healthily and exercise daily.

5. Take the opportunity of advantage-play

In the gambling world, to become a better gambler, it is essential to know the details of every casino games and learn how to use strategies for altering a house edge. But this final step is specifically for experienced players. Before going into the details, you must first understand what is advantage play. An advantage gambling or advantage play is basically a legal technique used for gaining an advantage while gambling. One situation where you can find an advantage play is:

Card counting

The basic rule of card counting is to start your count at zero and add or subtract accordingly. That means, when a high card is dealt, you should decrease the count, and when a low card is distributed, you should add the count. And when the count reaches a positive number, that’s when you should increase your bet.

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